Found Magic (Godstones 1)

What would you do with the powers of a god?

For a girl who can channel goddess powers, Giselle keeps it pretty low key—less ass-kicking mage-warrior and more friendly neighborhood Freyja stopping petty crime at night and working toward a degree in statistics during the day.

Then her mentor orders her to retrieve the godstone to channel Huehuecoyotl. Should be easy—except an Irish battle goddess with a track record of bloody violence shows up, and Giselle-as-Freyja, finds herself crashing through a window onto the crowded campus green. Worst of all, she drops the godstone and some rando in the crowd picks it up.

Sure, the new Huehuecoyotl is funny, hot, and has the swagger of a rock star, but she knows nothing about him—and he won’t give the godstone back. Now her mentor is furious, the battle goddess is gunning for them… and Huehue wants to play superheroes, dropping serious coin on a penthouse lair and Batman-like gadgets while suggesting they partner up—in more ways than one.

She just wanted to help a few people and pass English…but something sinister is going on and Giselle’s mentor is clearly not telling her everything. To survive, she may have to trust a seductive bad boy with a trickster god’s powers. This is so not going to go well…