Death Magic (Godstones 2)

What would you do with the power of a god?

Rock star Rafael Marquez is making good on a promise to get his degree. The magic has been missing from his music, and he’s hungry for so much more than the hard lifestyle he’d adopted. The godstone of Huehuecoyotl couldn’t have come to him at a better time. Even better, it gave him the chance work with Freyja, his goddess-crush, and he’s thrilled to make a difference by her side.

When Freyja’s banished to the underworld without him, though, the trickster will need all the allies he can find to go after her. He’s determined to show the jaded woman that she can count on him. If he doesn’t…she may not survive the growing forces that threaten them, and that’s an outcome he can’t live with.