Immortal Rage (Austin Immortals 2)

Emma, the woman who turned Javier into a vampire five months ago, shows up at his job in ripped jeans and an old tank top, bearing a box of cookies and an offer of friendship. Of all the places he thought he’d see her again, the hospital morgue five minutes after he finished an autopsy was not even on the list. And despite everything—from the tragedy on the table to what Emma did to him before bolting across the country—he still wants Emma with a passion he’s rarely felt. When it comes to relationships, he’s always been a masochist.

But she’s not really here to socialize. A former prostitute herself, Emma’s dedicated her immortal life to getting teen sex workers off the streets, and the girl on the table was one of hers. Something more sinister than a violent john is sliding through the neighborhood, turning men into raging monsters, and she needs his help to figure out what it is and stop it before more girls die.

Javier and Emma are not a good team—they fight, they don’t understand each other, and the senseless attraction between them keeps getting in the way. But the violence is spreading, spilling from dark corners of the city and multiplying like a virus. If they can’t work together to find the source of the outbreak, an epidemic of rage monsters will rise on the city, and no one will be safe from the violence to come.

Filled with magic, unforgettable characters, and a world on the verge of an apocalypse, the Austin Immortals series combines the worldbuilding of urban fantasy with the emotion of a romance. Immortal Rage is the second novel (third story) in the series. While the Austin Immortals books build on each other, each one can be read individually, as they each feature a different couple with a happy ending.