Immortal Longing (Austin Immortals 1)

She wants his heart for her god. His only hope is the vampire who broke it.

Vince Pagano may live out loud and proud, but he has a secret: Vampires are real. In fact, he used to date one before said vampire, well, ghosted him. Flash forward five years. Vince lands in trouble of a supernatural nature, and there’s only one man he can turn to.

Charlie Travert is a vampire who’s quiet, restrained, and possessive. It’s been five years since a charismatic young human crushed his heart with a lie, and Charlie walked away to save the broken pieces. But when Vince tumbles in his door with hell on his heels, Charlie will do whatever it takes to save the man he couldn’t forgive—but couldn’t forget either.

Immortal Longing is a second chance romance with a happily ever after that kicks off the Austin Immortals series. Filled with magic, unforgettable characters, and a world on the verge of an apocalypse, the series combines the worldbuilding of urban fantasy with the emotion of a romance.