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I used to be a Pagan blogger, and I love the heck out of ancient mythology—all of it, the whole world over. And I thought… huh… wouldn’t it be awesome to take these hours of useless research I’ve done and create a story where normal people like you and me can become gods. Temporarily, at least. And so the godstones were born, little artifacts that let you channel a specific god, making you a conduit for its power.

I also love pop music (yeah, I’m a Swiftie), so I made my hero, Rafael Marquez, a rock star who’s come home to get his degree. I was a foster parent (foster kids are the toughest people on the planet), so I made my heroine, Giselle Ryder, fresh out of the foster system attending college on math scholarship. I was born in San Antonio and have always wanted to set a story set among my awesome childhood memories of Tejano music, Mexican fairy tales, and Christmas tamales, so I invented a small college in south Texas where my hero and heroine meet up.

The problem starts when the godstone for the Aztec god of music, a trickster who loves to party, rolls itself to our hero. Because… of course it wants him (you will too—Rafael is sexy AF!) But the best time to steal someone’s godstone is before they figure out how to do more than just turn it on. So evil conduits descend upon the town, determined to take it from him, Hunger Games style. Channeling Huehuecoyotl (Way-way-co-yoat, rhymes with goat—we’ll just call him Coyote), he turns to Freyja, another newbie conduit who seems a little further along in the what-the-hell-am-I-doing phase of channeling, to protect his ass while he figures this shirt* out. Of course, he doesn’t realize that behind her goddess mask, the sexy woman who seems capable of anything is that shy fangirl from his Intro to American Lit class. And Freyja doesn’t realize that under the mask, this annoying prankster with the dirty mind is the man whose transcendent music helped her survive growing up in foster care.

Mistaken identities. Unpronounceable god names. A slow-burn romance. And two n00b heroes who don’t know it yet, but are gonna need to get good enough at this god-thing to save the world. You gotta check this series out.

The Godstones series is a good bet for fans of Annette Marie, Kim Harrison, and Patricia Briggs.

*Know this reference? Find me on FB and we’ll sing together of chili and Peeps.

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