Logan Durand wants nothing more than to get on with his afterlife—he was murdered, after all. But he’s a revenant, returned to his body as an agent of divine retribution until he can avenge his own death. Though Logan looks and sounds alive, his corpse-like touch reveals his true nature. Unable to physically connect with other people, he longs for death’s peace.

All good girl Krin Caswell wants to do is graduate and get out of her dysfunctional family with no entanglements. When she’s attacked by a football cretin, the senior class’s mysterious bad boy Logan Durand uses supernatural powers to save her… and she learns his secret.

As Krin helps him search for his killer, their attraction sparks hot, even in the cold of physical separation. But the closer they get to discovering the dangerous truth behind Logan’s murder, the closer they come to Logan’s final good-bye. The grave or the girl should be an easy choice, but who wants to live untouched?

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