Immortal Redeemed / Owl’s Cry : Austin Immortals 1.5 and Godsongs 2.5


Two magical adventures, no experience necessary

Immortal Redeemed – Vampires and shifters and romance, oh my!

Alexandre Moreau did the impossible for an evil-born vampire—he redeemed his lost soul. Why? For a woman, of course. And now, after months of pining, not to mention the soul-crushing guilt of suddenly having a conscience, the former spy and expert codebreaker finally gets one night to tell her how he feels. But something’s wrong, and she won’t tell him what.

Sofia Velasquez is dead effing broke—bad enough on its own, but between her car breaking down and her grandmother’s medical bills, she’s late on dues to her jaguar pack. Late mean she owes a favor to the cartel they run—a side of the pack business she’s worked hard to keep out of. Backed into a corner, she allows herself one night with the man she’s been lusting after for ages before she goes down that slippery slope, leaving Alex behind forever.

But her clever vampire won’t be satisfied with one night…and neither will she.

Owl’s Cry – Superhero hijinks on a college campus

Coyote, Giselle Ryder’s partner in vigilante justice, has a date—or so it seems. And she doesn’t care. Not one bit, no way, not her. She doesn’t even know who her fellow crusader is behind his mask, so there’s no point in getting jealous. Besides, she has a crush on somebody else—and when an owl-woman on campus tries to scratch her crush’s handsome face off, it’s up to her to keep him safe.

Rafael Marquez is studying for a math test when he’s attacked by an owl-woman. Luckily, Freyja—his superhero partner and the woman’s he head-over-heels for—shows up in the nick of time to save his face. He needs to sneak away so he can transform into Coyote and help stop the owl-witch, but Freyja, afraid he’ll get attacked again, won’t let him out of her sight.

It’s weird but fascinating being with his partner as himself, but maybe together they can still stop the series of fly-by attacks… until an evil begin shows up at a frat party, and all hell breaks loose