Godsongs 1: The Trickster’s Drum


A reformed-ish bad boy. A girl who’s never had a home. The power of Pagan gods at their fingertips. 

Giselle Ryder only knows a life of loneliness and loss—until she inherits her mother’s forbidden Freyja godstone. Her only wish? Use Freyja’s powers to make the world better than her parents left it. That and pass her freshman year of college.

Things get complicated when into her English class strolls Rafael Marquez, the famous lead singer for Rage Riot and the man she has a desperate crush on because his music saved her life. He’s a distraction she doesn’t need—but desperately wants.

When she fumbles a simple mission, she’s aided by newbie godstone user Huehuecoyotl—tall, dark, and determined to be her sidekick. He even drops serious cash on a lair for them and promises to never try to see who she is behind Freyja’s mask. If she accepts his bargain, though, she’s stuck training a bard who’s too happy-go-lucky for his own good—and too flirty for hers.

If she doesn’t, they’re on their own with a trio of Irish battle goddesses wreaking havoc in town… and a buried secret from her dead parents’ past is about to explode.

The Trickster’s Drum is the first book in a five part series of adventure, romance, and—warning!—cliffhangers. Part 2 will be available for sale and in KU on August 22.