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Standalone Novels

SElf-contained Adventures A food critic who hates Christmas, and a mall elf who might be the real deal… A bodyguard wolf… whose client doesn’t know she’s his mate… A grown-up Peter Pan must find his Wendy to save a corrupted Neverland… Her Christmas Elf Read more Her Guardian Wolf Read more Never, She Lands Read […]

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Austin Immortals

ANcient Creatures, MOdern Problem Take a walk on the wild side  Immortal Longing (Austin Immortals 1) Read more One Night with the Vampire Read more Immortal Redeemed / Owl’s Cry (Austin Immortals 1.5 / Godsongs 2.5) Read more Immortal Rage (Austin Immortals 2) View Retailers

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Gods, Rock Stars, and other Mayhem What would you do with the powers of a god? For a girl who can channel goddess powers, Giselle keeps it pretty low key—less ass-kicking mage-warrior and more friendly neighborhood Freyja stopping petty crime at night and working toward a degree in statistics during the day. Then her mentor […]

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Found Magic

Hey Reader!  I used to be a Pagan blogger, and I love the heck out of ancient mythology—all of it, the whole world over. And I thought… huh… wouldn’t it be awesome to take these hours of useless research I’ve done and create a story where normal people like you and me can become gods. Temporarily, […]

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