Jax's Story

Jax Garren is the author of romantic, adventurous urban fantasy that brings ancient myths into a modern setting, including gods and rock stars in the Godstones, vampires and witchcraft in the Austin Immortals, and fairy tales re-imagined in the Tales of the Underlight.

A former English and theater teacher who aims to be Rupert Giles when she grows up, Jax can spend as much time researching obscure historical details for her books as actually writing them. When not falling down a research rabbit hole, Jax dreams about traveling anywhere cold (which Texas, her home, is not) and loves to play foodie with her husband. They live with two amazing teens she’s proud to call her daughters and three cats who didn’t get enough treats last night. Just ask them.

Jax in front of a spray-painted wall.


My inspiration for twenty years… This photo sums up our relationship perfectly.

Jax and her husband being silly!

The Fam

My other inspiration… “pie-drunk” children after they ate way too much sugar. I love these ladies!

Two teens walking from a wedding "Pie drunk." Pie drunk is you are so full on pie you act silly

The Cats

You’ll see a lot about these guys in my social media!

A sleeping cat next to a computer.


Snuggler in Chief,  Kaylee came to us from a shelter after she was evacuated from Houston during Hurricane Harvey. She’s a serious cuddler who knows who’s really in charge around here.

A big cat lying down on the counter.


Charlie is the old man of the house, watching the chaos around him with unflappable calm. He’s always up for a chin scratch and loves to watch TV with the family from a comfortable lap.

Two cats play fighting over who gets the spot


Jeremiah (seen here in a, uh, dispute with Kaylee) came to us from a shelter as a kitten. His high-pitched meow and ferocious purr can be heard around the house when he’s look for a pet.