Tales of the Underlight

A fresh and innovative spin on the Beauty and the Beast tale, with a gutsy heroine and a damaged yet honorable hero who you’ll love to root for. I can’t wait to see what Garren comes up with next!
~ Kristen Callihan, author of Firelight.

Fairy tale inspired stories set in the punk-alternative community of Austin, Texas in the very near future. They center around two warring secret societies. Our heroes are a part of the Underlight, a US-based network of anarchists who have an underground base in Austin. The antagonists of the series are from the Order of Ananke, a cult dedicated to the Greek goddess of fate. Ananke pulls its membership from the world’s wealthy and powerful and focuses on controlling society from behind the scenes.  A little bit of magic, a little bit of weird science, lots of fast-paced action and steamy romance make the Tales of the Underlight a series to watch out for.