Tox Vegas

Science-fiction Pick-your-path romance.

History According to Chloe Parikh...

In 2015, while the United States was focused on ferreting low-tech terrorists out of holes in the desert, the Soviet government collapsed, the new regime teamed up with China, and the two largest nations in the world turned their collective money and scientific power to taking down the West. Tox75, new strain of anthrax, was developed, one that killed quickly but had near nuclear persistency – a scientific impossibility before the giants put their collective mental muscle behind it.

We still don't understand how it works.

Five locations across the United States were hit in the first wave, more in the second. The toxin spread like a virus to every urban center within a few hours. As the federal government scrambled the military, cities reconstructed themselves as best they could, each forming their own local authority that for all intents and purposes superseded national authority. Any notion of capitalism vanished. People shared or people died.

The new superstars of the population? Toxicologists. Followed closely by any other biological, chemical, or medical specialist. In fact, education and society were restructured to provide for these people, on whom the hopes for the survival of a nation and the rebirth of an ecology were pinned.

The lucky bastards of the population? Doctors aren't sure how yet, but a small number of people are immune to anthrax.

Every city deals with these genetic freaks differently, most using seek a cure for Tox75. Some cities, however, have given on up a cure and moved forward to genetic manipulation of the next generation, the creation of a race of supermen and women who can't be threatened by the toxin the Sino-Soviet Block has poisoned our world with. Las Vegas, entertainment capital of post-atoxalyptic USA, is one of those cities. And I thought moving here was going to be crazy before I found out I was immune...