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The last seven weeks have been some of the hardest of my life. My husband and I fostered two girls (A & L, ages 7 and 5) from July to June in the hopes of adopting them. The end result: after the DH and I spent May in court hearings, the girls finished the school… Read more »

Love a Tree, Read an E-book

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Sometimes I’m a terrible parent. [Bear with me; this is about saving trees.] In my defense, I don’t have much experience at it. My husband and I began fostering two girls, now ages 5 and 7, last summer. It’s been a life-changer. Sometimes we get it right with what we call a “pro-parenting maneuver.”  When… Read more »

Desk Tour!

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Hey all! I have a video tour of my desk today. Before we get started, I’ll mention that I have nothing on my desk from my mother. My mum is awesome and we get along extremely well. I’ve often thought I should add something from her to make sure she’s rep’ed! But no item has… Read more »

Jax Starts a Video Blog

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As I don’t seem inclined to type blog posts, I’m giving this a try. A couple things I’ve learned my first time out… Find a steady place to hold the phone Turn it landscape I know I have more than a few other things to work on, but I think those are the first two… Read more »

The Next Big Thing Q&A

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I was tagged by Cindy Spencer Pape, author of the fantastic Gaslight Chronicles, and Vivien Jackson, author of epic fantasy quest erotica (you know you want to see what that is). Because I love questions like these, I’m answering for books in three different stages of progress–something most working authors have going at all times!… Read more »

Thoughts on the Night Before My Debut

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Tonight is my last night to be unpublished. In just a few hours (three and a quarter to be exact), Amazon and Barnes and Noble will deliver my book to all the people who’ve pre-ordered it, and it will go up for sale there and other places for anyone who wants to read the words… Read more »