Jax Starts a Video Blog

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As I don’t seem inclined to type blog posts, I’m giving this a try. A couple things I’ve learned my first time out…

  1. Find a steady place to hold the phone
  2. Turn it landscape

I know I have more than a few other things to work on, but I think those are the first two biggies! I’d like to get some (cheap) software for adding text and mashing clips together. Maybe even adding background music/sounds. Any recommendations?

4 Responses to “Jax Starts a Video Blog”

  1. Reese Ryan

    Ha! I’d been thinking of doing a vlog, instead of blogging because, the idea of keeping up my writing pace, plus all my other obligations, AND regular blogging makes me feel overwhelmed (and sort of lazy). However, like you, I don’t wear makeup regularly, so I’d been putting it off. But I liked your first vlog and the fact that you decided to show us the real you. Very nice touch.

    • Jax

      Thanks Reese! Sounds like you and I are in the exact same decision-making boat. The makeup thing has, sadly, been the main reason I didn’t try this long ago. Ah, vanity… But I have another video in the phone that I’ll post this weekend.

      Good luck if you decide to give it a try, and make sure you ping me so I can go see it!


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