How Beauty Met the Beast–Location Pictures

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I always like seeing visuals of places in the books I read, so I though I’d share photos with quotes from the story where they belong. These are all photos pulled from Wikimedia Commons and Flickr (hover for the photographer and click to get to the original). I would’ve taken my own photos, but I have a terrible camera that is little improved by lack of photographic ability. Maybe one day. Oh, iPhone 5, I have such high hopes for all you will one day do for me… Enjoy!

The Austin skyline at night…

Hauk gritted his teeth as he turned his steambike toward the narrow lake that wound through downtown, reflecting neon-illuminated skyscrapers like a demented disco ball.

The electric company where Jolie dances…

(Hopefully I’ll get you more of these; this building is awesome.)

“Catrina’s got her holiday show tonight at the abandoned electric station by the lake. She’ll hide us until it’s clear.”

Jolie’s Condo (never mentioned by name, but it’s based on The Austonian)

Of course Jolie lived in Austin’s most exclusive high-rise. The skyline’s tallest building thrust up in curving chrome and glass splendor, a phallic ode to capitalist success, dwarfing all lesser buildings with its height and decadence.

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