Editing Services

Got Voice? I want you to keep it.

Jax Garren Jan 2015 096I offer a full range of editing services, from first looks to copy editing, but I have a special affection for ensuring the perfectly placed comma. As an editor, my job is to help you provide a seamless experience for your readers where your story, characters, and prose shine. I see editing as a fresh set of eyes to point out where readers can be jarred out of your world by anything from a grammar error to a character decision that isn’t justified by the text. A good editor is a champion of your vision and voice, there to help the story on the page match the amazing story in your head.

Why Me?

  • My signature is providing clear explanations for why I suggest edits. You’re the writer. You want to fix issues your way. I will tell you where I got ejected from your story and why so that you have the understanding you need to make it work.
  • I look for the best in everyone’s writing and focus on bringing that out, but I’m also honest about what doesn’t work. I assume you’re hiring an editor because you’d rather hear it from me than readers on Amazon or Goodreads.
  • I will only work with you if I can do it without trying to change your vision or voice. If t we’re not a good fit, I’ll let you know so you can find somebody else who will do your work justice. (See below for some ideas of what I do and don’t work well with.)
  • I do this for both love and money. I figure you do, too. Balancing the commercial, artistic, and financial aspects of this career is daunting to all of us. It’s only with teamwork and a sense of humor that we can stay sane in the industry. Together we can make our corner of the world a more creative and friendly place to be.


  • $.008/word for copy edits.
  • $.01/word for content / developmental edits
  • Is your project for charity? Email me to discuss a discount.

What kinds of editing do I do?

  • Content edits (big ideas–issues with character motivations, plot holes, world-building, etc.) For content edits, you’ll receive some inline notes as well as a detailed letter focusing on conflict, characterization, and other broad issues, including things I loved and things that maybe didn’t come across the way you intended. If you’d like a Skype meeting or phone call to go over the suggestions, I’m happy to do either. (The first 15 minutes is free to clarify anything I said in notes; additional phone/Skype time will count toward billable hours). For content edits only, authors can choose to work for $.008/word.
  • Copy edits/proofreading (grammar, punctuation, overused/repeated words, some fact checking. If you want thorough fact-checking, talk to me first. I may or may not be a good match depending on the topic.) I am a crazy person who loves the bizarre intricacies of grammar.
  • If requested, I will do two editing passes on a story, i.e. I will send it back to you then look at it again for a second set of revisions. I will not, however, copyedit/proofread a text I did other edits for. At that point I don’t have fresh enough eyes to do a proper job.
  • If you’re looking for something other than editing, like outlining/storyboarding or more general coaching, give me a description of what you want, and I’ll let you know if that’s something I can do well enough to earn a paycheck for it. 🙂 I used to be a high school teacher, and I love teaching. I’m more than happy to do email, Skype, or even IRL teaching on topics like POV, GMC, story structure, or other writing basics.


  • Email me about your project at jennifercgarren at gmail dot com.
  • Tell me, as specifically as you can, what you’re looking for.
  • If it’s straight-up edits, send the first five pages and five pages from a scene beginning around the 60% mark.  (For example, if your story is 50,000 words, send me pages 1-5 and the first five pages of the scene closest to word 30,000.)  Also tell me the genre, final word count, and intended audience of your work.
  • Give me a time frame you want/need it in.
  • I’ll email you a confirmation as soon as I get your request. I will then, within three days, email you estimates for cost and time along with (free) edits for at least five of the ten sample pages provided. If I think your work needs something other than what you asked for or if I don’t think I’m a good match for the piece, I will let you know at this time.
  • When we set dates, PayPal me a 50% deposit on the estimate to ensure your spot. The remainder of the actual cost is due when I return the finished edits. Starving artist? I will consider trades. Toss me a suggestion, and I’ll consider it.

I’m a great choice for…

  • …genre fiction.
  • I’m happy to edit LGBTQ+ stories.
  • I’m happy to edit reverse harem.
  • I love characters with a sense of humor in the face of terrible circumstances.
  • I love happy endings or happy for now endings. I can even love sad endings with great meaning.

I’m probably not the right choice for…

  • CBA fiction. (I’m totally cool with  religious characters as long as the book isn’t pushing a particular religion.)
  • Erotica that’s mostly sex. I am not offended by sex, even in the frankest, kinkiest descriptions, and sex scenes as part of a larger story are great. A book that’s all sex, however, is better off with a different editor.
  • Hardcore D/s (some D/s is fine, but I have personal issues with overly controlling males)
  • I fully support inclusion movements happening in the publishing industry now. If you’re proud old skool, we may not be a good fit.

Sounds great, Jax! But do you read….

  • LGBTQ?
    • Oh, yeah! Bring it!
  • Historical/paranormal/science fiction/western/steampunk/etc?
    • I know nothing about NASCAR or the Amish (but I’d be happy to learn about the Amish). Other than that, I’m open to most genres of commercial fiction. Email me to ask.
  • YA?
    • I enjoy YA. I’m pretty liberal on the content of these, too, but I’m not okay with using YA sex as titillation. It’s one thing to talk openly about the inevitable progress of maturity. It’s another thing to use underage sex as a turn on for the reader. Please think about where your story falls on that line before you send it to me.
  •  BDSM?
    • Yes and no. I don’t mind a little kink in my sex. Due to personal triggers, I’m sensitive to D/s and get uncomfortable when the lifestyle continues outside the bedroom. I’m not into super-dark sex. BDSM should follow SSC. If you don’t know what that means, please don’t send me your BDSM.
  • Books set in…?
    • Fill that in however you want. The answer is yes.
  • Multicultural?
    • This is a question? Of COURSE!
  • Dub-con or rape fantasy?
    • No.
  • Human / animal sex if it’s shifters?
    • Uh…I’m a little afraid to say yes. Maybe? If it’s not pretty dern close to humanoid on humanoid, I’m not your editor.
  • Golden showers / Cleveland Steamers / omg what else?
    • If you’re asking this question, I’m probably not the right editor for your opus.
  •  Poetry?
    • No. I love to read poetry. I don’t have a clue how to edit it.
  • Non-fiction?
    • Possibly. Email me details for a firm answer.
  • Dino-rotica?
    • I believe this type of story is best enjoyed in its raw form. Don’t edit the madness; just hit publish.

Other questions? Got a project you want to talk about? Email me at jennifercgarren at gmail dot com, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.