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Ashley Fairfax, heroine? Rapunzel starts to sing

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Hello all! For fun I’m posting a scene from my work in progress, tentatively titled Why Rapunzel Let Down her Hair. A couple things of note–this book isn’t edited. It isn’t even finished. This scene may or may not appear in the final version. If it does, it will probably get better, potentially with fewer… Read more »

Heartbreaker Hop w/ Carrie Ann

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Ten years before Pat Benatar bewailed the heartbreakin’ man, Led Zeppelin released their own song about a Heartbreaker. And she was a woman. Mostly famous for its insane guitar solo, the song also reminds us that not all heart-taking, dream-making, right kind of sinners are men. Jolie Benoit, heroine of the Beauty and the Beast… Read more »


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I’m so excited. I won a set of book banners from artist and writer Marion Sipe, and she has produced some beautiful mini-banners and square banners for the Tales of the Underlight series. Check ’em out, and feel free to grab any you like for your own site!

Six Sentence Sunday-12/16/12

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A holiday post from How Beauty Met the Beast, available now from Carina Press. The speaker is our heroine, Jolie Benoit, as she introduces her burlesque act, “I’ll Get Nothing–and Like It.” “We get one day—one day—of presents for three hundred and sixty-four days of being good. Boxes of useless crap for a year’s worth of… Read more »