Seduced by the Vampire

Javier and Emma’s book

*Description not final*

Javier Reyes grew up in and out of the foster system, bouncing from home to home as his mother battled addiction. He defied everyone’s expectations for a poor brown kid, became a respected doctor, and vowed never to look back. After an encounter with a beautiful, backwoods vampire last summer, he became one himself, entering a more rarefied world of money and power than even he’d ever dreamed.

Emmaline Granger grew up in the ass-end of nowhere just before the Texas Revolution. A prostitute at thirteen, a vampire at twenty-two, she’s proud to be the wise-cracking, cookie-baking, poor hick of the sophisticated vampire world. She’s exactly the wrong sort of girl for a doctor with something to prove, and yet to save Javier’s life, she turned him into a vampire, linking them forever.

Javier and Emma don’t get along, despite the attraction they feel. When Austin’s impoverished start turning into monsters, Javier investigates to protect his estranged mother, and Emma goes along to protect her young fledgling. Rumors of voodoo lead to an underage prostitution ring and a secret that could take out a city: somebody’s making zombies and the disease is starting to get out of hand. But nobody listens to the problems of the poor, even when they threaten to spill out with ruinous results.

Time to brush up those apocalypse plans because doctor, a former prostitute, and the cartels and brothels of Austin are all the only shield we have between us and the rise of the zombies.

Releasing in spring 2016

Featured characters from other works:

  • Cash Geirson, Viking vampire introduced in Stripped with the Vampire
  • Rhiannon Flynn, witch in training (and Javier’s sister) intro’d in Stripped
  • Miguel Chavez, were-jaguar intro’d in One Night with the Vampire

Also appearing:

  • Charlie Travert, vampire, expert craftsman, and hero of Stripped
  • Vince Pagano, human, metalsmith, and hero of Stripped
  • Sofia Velasquez, were-jaguar, massage therapist, and hero of One Night
  • Alex Moreau, vampire, former Liberi, and hero of One Night
  • Alaric, warlord vampire intro’d in Stripped
  • Agnes Gilliam, vampire party-girl looking for a job, and (future) hero of Chained to the Vampire