One Night with the Vampire (in Romancing Austin)

Valkyrie Book, November 5, 2015

For over a century, Alex Moreau murdered his way across the Western world, a pure vampire with a no conscience. Then he saw her and took his soul back for the chance to feel something real. Something good.

As a cub, jaguar-shifter Sofia Velasquez was sent to America from war-torn Colombia to grow up in peace…but as an adult massage therapist she can barely make ends meet without help from her cousins in the cocaine trade. Just one small job for them could make her problems go away–or send her spiraling into a world she swore she’d stay out of.

It’s terrible timing when her gorgeous client Alex finally asks her out. She’s in too deep with the cartel for anything lasting, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have one really good night. If Alex will let her go in the morning, that is…

Part of the Romancing Austin anthology; will be available as an individual title sometime in 2016


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