Heartbreaker Hop w/ Carrie Ann

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Ten years before Pat Benatar bewailed the heartbreakin’ man, Led Zeppelin released their own song about a Heartbreaker. And she was a woman. Mostly famous for its insane guitar solo, the song also reminds us that not all heart-taking, dream-making, right kind of sinners are men. Jolie Benoit, heroine of the Beauty and the Beast… Read more »

Jax Starts a Video Blog

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As I don’t seem inclined to type blog posts, I’m giving this a try. A couple things I’ve learned my first time out… Find a steady place to hold the phone Turn it landscape I know I have more than a few other things to work on, but I think those are the first two… Read more »

Blog Appearances for February… and there are a LOT of them!

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Hello all! How Beauty Saved the Beast will be coming out February 11 (that’s just a week and a half away!), and in honor of the occasion, I’ve got a ton of interviews, character interviews, excerpts, posts, and…. GIVEAWAYS! So hop on by the different stops and say hello! You might end up with a… Read more »

Looking for Memes

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Now that Six Sentence Sunday is over (*tear*) , I’m looking for new fun things to occupy my blog with. As anyone who reads has probably noticed, I’m not so good with the writing random things… mostly because I never know what to write about. But Six Sentence Sunday gave me a topic. It was… Read more »

Six Sentence Sunday–1/20/13

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Doing something a little different this week. This is from a current work in progress, an unnamed manuscript set in future Las Vegas after America’s air has been poisoned in a terrorist attack, forcing everyone to live inside air-locked buildings. In this scene, our heroine Chloe Parikh is parachuting into Las Vegas (in an airtight… Read more »


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I’m so excited. I won a set of book banners from artist and writer Marion Sipe, and she has produced some beautiful mini-banners and square banners for the Tales of the Underlight series. Check ’em out, and feel free to grab any you like for your own site!

Six Sentence Sunday–1/13/13

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From How Beauty Saved the Beast. Hauk, a soldier and burn survivor with scars all over his body, has been captured and chained to a table by a cult that wants to study a rage-state he can achieve while fighting. In order to study the rages, though, they need to cause one… The bag opened… Read more »