A Post for Irene

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I only plug things I really like. And when a book I really like, written by a friend, goes into a book bundle with nine other books for .99, I figure it’s a public service to say something about it. So I’m letting Irene Preston have my (practically abandoned…sorry about that….) blog for the day… Read more »

Ashley Fairfax, heroine? Rapunzel starts to sing

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Hello all! For fun I’m posting a scene from my work in progress, tentatively titled Why Rapunzel Let Down her Hair. A couple things of note–this book isn’t edited. It isn’t even finished. This scene may or may not appear in the final version. If it does, it will probably get better, potentially with fewer… Read more »


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The last seven weeks have been some of the hardest of my life. My husband and I fostered two girls (A & L, ages 7 and 5) from July to June in the hopes of adopting them. The end result: after the DH and I spent May in court hearings, the girls finished the school… Read more »

RT Convention–I will be there!

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Hey All! I figured I’d post my schedule in case anyone was looking to find me at #RT13! I’m arriving Tuesday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning. If you recognize me, say hello! I love meeting new people. In addition to the official appearences, you’ll see me dancing at most of the parties (I’m not a… Read more »

Love a Tree, Read an E-book

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Sometimes I’m a terrible parent. [Bear with me; this is about saving trees.] In my defense, I don’t have much experience at it. My husband and I began fostering two girls, now ages 5 and 7, last summer. It’s been a life-changer. Sometimes we get it right with what we call a “pro-parenting maneuver.”  When… Read more »

I’m turning my blog over today to the lovely Alexa…

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I’ve known Alexa for a number of years now from  my local RWA chapter, and she is an awesome woman. Last year we both signed with digital first publishers, and are happy to be published authors! I’m pleased to turn the blog over to my friend so she can announce…  [take it away, ma’am] Thank… Read more »

Desk Tour!

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Hey all! I have a video tour of my desk today. Before we get started, I’ll mention that I have nothing on my desk from my mother. My mum is awesome and we get along extremely well. I’ve often thought I should add something from her to make sure she’s rep’ed! But no item has… Read more »