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Love a Tree, Read an E-book

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Sometimes I’m a terrible parent. [Bear with me; this is about saving trees.] In my defense, I don’t have much experience at it. My husband and I began fostering two girls, now ages 5 and 7, last summer. It’s been a life-changer. Sometimes we get it right with what we call a “pro-parenting maneuver.” ¬†When… Read more »

Heartbreaker Hop w/ Carrie Ann

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Ten years before Pat Benatar bewailed the heartbreakin’ man, Led Zeppelin released their own song about a Heartbreaker. And she was a woman. Mostly famous for its insane guitar solo, the song also reminds us that not all heart-taking, dream-making, right kind of sinners are men. Jolie Benoit, heroine of the Beauty and the Beast… Read more »